Friday, October 29, 2010

News of Friday October 29th part 2

* red bull is afraid of having to use a ninth motor on the car of Sebastian Vettel by the end of the season .
* Gerhard Berger is full of praise for Fernando Alonso saying the new leader of the championship is now equal Ayrton Senna or Michael Schumacher.
* Alguersuari and Sébastien Buemi both planning to take the wheel of Mark Webber when he will leave at red bull. But there will be room for only one then who will be the stronger ?

News of Friday October 29th

Red Bull said it will support any of its two pilots in Brazil as Vettel and Webber will be treated equally.
Jenson button, although relegated to 42pts leader Fernando Alonso has not given up the title and does not want to help Lewis Hamilton in Brazil, although the latter has shown the application.
* Kimi Raikkonen was expected to continue to rally in 2011 still in the junior team Citroen.
Hulkenberg's manager said his driver was not disqualified from Williams and he could keep his flying in 2011. In addition it was reported this morning that Rubens Barrichello could retire at the end of this season which would mean that the seat would be attributed to Pastor Maldonado .

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The best pics of the podium of the korean gp

The korean gp results

Here is the top 10 of the korean gp :

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fernando Alonso GQ interview

here is a very nice interview of Fernando Alonso for GQ magazine in November in which he engages in open heart .
character: "I am aware of being a man with a character to the old, traditional. I'm quite unusual for my generation because I grow and defends the values related to my past, my land, my family."
values "have courage means taking responsibility when you have to introduce yourself to people who have as much work for you to be in the best possible conditions. then you get on the car and you say: Now there are more excuses that hold, we must do a perfect lap. in life it happens often. it happened when my family has sacrificed to give me opportunities. therefore when I say I give great importance to the tradition I mean that I give a real value to words like honor, duty and respect. "
raquel : "i feel pretty good about my relationship. I try to do my best, we try both. for now we do not intend to have children but may be soon. I have a niece one year old, Maria , and for now it's enough for me. I think when a family is a family and a sense of family is deeply rooted in me. "
feelings: "I can not express my feelings. I am not able to show with actions. I think it affects raquel a lot and not just her. I try to explain it and I think it comes from my father. He loves me with all his heart but he never took me in his arms even when he saw me in trouble but a glance was enough to understand us.
Money: "I have no personal plane. I have a boat like bcp other drivers. I do not give importance to these things. I know it means having privileges. Money is important and I agree but it is better to have more normal and strong values . "
* The kitchen: "My father taught me. He was preparing the meal because my mother worked so I thought it was normal to me too. Well in my studies I took the kitchen as an option for three years. "
magic: "a passion that comes from my grandfather. holidays, after eating, we always played cards. it was ridden with me, he always tips and I was

fascinated by this inexplicable thing . I was happy. I was doing magic to see the reaction of stunned people. surprise, joy. "
Cycling: "I looked at the stage of Tour de France, the Vuelta and Giro . have always loved cycling and now I train in this sport. I'd like to create a real team .

The paddock podium of korea

The 4 in :
*Fernando Alonso: steadily increasing since the gp monza Alonso has made a very successful operation on Sunday by winning the first GP of Korea, ran under hellish conditions, and taking the drivers championship lead with 11pts ahead of Webber .The Spaniard is more than ever a favorite for the title.
*Lewis Hamilton: After several unsuccessful hamilton gp found the podium and puts 3rd in the drivers' standings. However we can note that mclaren did not really was able to worry about Red Bull and Ferrari this Weekend .
*Felipe Massa: Brazilian driver finally found the podium and clears his last two rather poor results also offering valuable points for Ferrari in the constructors' championship .
*michael schumacher: since returning to competition this 4th place is by far his best result in a race well run smoothly. In addition he offers a lot of points to mercedes to keep the 4th place in the constructor championship .
The 2 out :
*Mark Webber: Red Bull driver has blown his last joker in Korea with a personal error that caused his abandonement. Now with Alonso 11pts, new leader, the title is not lost but no errors are allowed.
*Sebastian Vettel: with the pole and leading the race, Vettel was overtaken by Alonso and Hamilton and then gave up on engine failure. Now Alonso has 25pts and at 14pts from his teammate the title is not over again but there are no room for error.

News of monday october 25th

* The duo Jacques Villeneuve- durango decided to pause their project to buy an F1 team to devote himself to NASCAR. * The format of the weekend gp could increase from currently 3 days to 2 days with qualifying on Sunday just before the race and the free practice on Saturday.However christian horner think we should keep the current three days but do scrutineering on Friday to avoid bringing teams from Wednesday . * Peter Sauber, team boss namesake, deplored and strongly criticized behavior "very unsporting" on behalf of the Scuderia Ferrari and McLaren Mercedes Grand Prix in South Korea.These images have indeed escaped anyone, relayed live on television worldwide. At the time of abandonment of Sebastian Vettel on mechanical failure, on the 45th lap, we could see in succession the Ferrari garage and then leave McLaren Mercedes for joy.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The korean track confirmed by the fia !

Here are the latest pics from the korean circuit which was confirmed yesterday by Charlie Whiting and the GP will therefore be well on october 24 . Organizers said the track was finished and that there is only the finishing work to do .

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The paddock podium of suzuka

The 4 in :
Sebastian Vettel : after several unsuccessful GP he returns to the top step of the podium in japan with having led the race from start to finish . Now at level on points with Alonso , vettel keeps his chances for the world title .
Mark Webber : he did what he needed to keep the championship lead but without worry his teammate . Bonus mark offers a fine double in his team . But now he has two formidable opponents in the person of Alonso and Vettel .
Fernando Alonso : his mission was to limit the damage on a track cut for the red bull and he made it the most beautiful way by a podium . He has now 14 points behind webber but he keeps all his chances for the title next above the next tracks should be better suited to Ferrari .
Kamui Kobayashi : without him we might have found the race more boring ! Kamui has offered beautiful overtakings even with a sauber a little banged up after a collision with Alguersuari .
the 4 out :
Lewis Hamilton : lewis still had a weekend to forget : crash in FP1 , penalty for changing gearbox on saturday and brake and gearbox problems on sunday that cost him to be overtaken by his teammate . The title is not lost but it departs sharply .
Felipe Massa : he has again experienced a turbulent paced with a bad qualifying session and an accident at the first turn causing more the retirement of Liuzzi ! Massa did not record any points for Ferrari in the constructors championship fight and sees his place in the team weakened .
Renault : Renault came back from japan with no points and has spoiled the chances of a podium to Kubica because of a lost wheel ! Meanwhile Petrov finished his race from the first turn also causing the retirement of Hulkenberg(Petrov received a 5 grid penalty for the korean race for this incident) .

Japan GP : race results

Here is the top 10 of the japan GP :

Friday, October 8, 2010

Japan GP : FP2

Here is the top 5 of the second free practice :

Japan GP : FP1

Here is the top 5 of the first free practice :
lewis hamilton is out to turn 9 and breaking his left front suspension . He has missed much of the session .

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Some general views of work for the of the 2011 indian GP near new delhi(source :

News of wednesday 10/06/2010

* finally lotus will use in 2011 gearboxes and hydraulics from red bull ! The team will probably make an announcement during this weekend to say they'll use some renault's engines .
* the young mexican driver sergio perez will be a sauber driver next year by the sides of kamui kobayashi . Telmex will also be a new sponsor for the swiss team .
* kimi has said no to renault today so he will probably stay in rally next year with citroën junior .
* HRT has confirmed bruno senna and sakon yamamoto for the japanese race .
* richard branson would want to remove the blue flags during the race in order to not penalize the small teams .

Monday, October 4, 2010

New pics from the korea's circuit !

Here are some new pics from korea's track which will be inspected by the fia on the october 11th . (Source :

La gazzetta de Ferrari

* fernando Alonso made some impressive statistics during the singapore race :
- he equalizes niki lauda and jim clarck with 25 victories .
- he made the first grand chelem of his career(pole , best lap , victory with leading from the beginning till the end of the race) .
- it was the first victory of Ferrari on this track .
* the engine which alonso used in singapore has made two races before this one ! This means Ferrari's engines are really reliable !
* the Ferrari will have some new elements in suzuka but stefano domenicali said the driver who will win the championship will be the one who has a solid mental .