Wednesday, January 25, 2012

the news of Wednesday !

* the verdict fell for Rubens Barrichello: he will be replaced by Bruno Senna for the year 2012! 
* Ferrari has passed the crash tests (in the 2nd test) imposed by the fia as Lotus and Sauber. 
* the trial between Adrian Sutil and Eric Lux will begin January 30 and Lewis Hamilton was called as a witness, but he already warned that he would not be available cos he'll present the new Mclaren on February 1. 
* the reactive ride height systems invented by Lotus has finally been banned by the fia that held this system could actually change the Aero of the car, which is prohibited by the regulations. 
* the Ferrari pair , Alonso and Massa, were at Maranello yesterday to molding their bucket. They also met with Stefano Domenicali to have news about the development of the 2012 Ferrari. In addition, Alonso and Massa, and Jules Bianchi and Davide Rigon, will spend the next few days in the Canary Islands to improve their physical condition .
* without having a bucket of holder this season, Jérôme D'Ambrosio is the 3rd driver of Team Lotus.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wroom 2012 : last day pics

For the last day of Wroom, the Ferrari and Ducati drivers fighted in 2 races : a kart race  and a race behind the of a Fiat 500, all taking place on a frozen lake.

In the first kart race, Valentino Rossi won with Felipe Massa second and Fernando Alonso third . Giancarlo Fisichella and Marc Gené followed them. Alessio Salucci, finished last. He replaced Nicky Hayden, injured. The Ducati driver fractured his left scapula.

In the second race held on a Fiat 500, the Brazilian won . His teammate arrived in 3rd position, Gené and Fisichella followed .

Friday, January 13, 2012

Wroom 2012 : Felipe Massa interview

And now here's what Felipe Massa said to the press about 2012 and the urgency for him to have best results :
"Of course, it will be an extremely important year as well for me for all Ferrari.  It's a season during which we want to do more and in my case, it will be very important because I want to do much better than last year and in 2010. I want to be competitive. I want a season that won't give me as much bad luck during the last season, when often I scored less than what I deserve. I have a lot of motivation and desire. I'm positive, I know what I want. Of course I am under pressure, it is true, and a Ferrari driver is always under pressure."
Felipe is also convinced he can be at the same level than Alonso :
"I am confident that I can beat Fernando Alonso.  there was no significant degradation of tires, the difference was on my driving style. So with a car as the one we had there few years, a competitive car, this difference no longer exists. I'm sure I can fight against Fernando (Alonso) and not only to do the same chrono , but to do a best time for and even be faster than him. "
To finish Felipe talked about his future in Ferrari's team :
"I only think of the championship .  then of course you must have a competitive car from the start. If you have five or six races without the desired results, it becomes very difficult to recover points. In my case, the first half of the season will surely be more important for my future as second. But this is not something new. I want to win races and be more competitive than I've ever been. If you are happy in the team and the team is pleased with you, I do not see why you would want to change. "
And in bonus the first pic of Felipe in his 2012 suit .

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Wroom 2012 : Fernando Alonso interview

Yesterday was the day of the press conference for the Ferrari drivers. 

* here's immediately what Fernando Alonso said about this season: 
"We are all optimistic. Everybody gives his best, but even in Malaysia or in China, after two/three races, we will not only know the actual level of the single-seater. I know that we have many winter tests but we will not know the performance of the car until the first races."
* Fernando also expressed his opinion about the significant restructuring experienced by Ferrari: 
"when Pat(Fry) came, there were a few changes, restructuring, reorganization of the team. he was able to work more efficiently and still more then two months. If we must see results, they will come immediately. Last year we had concerns with the wind tunnel, correlation problems. This time, if we have solved our problems in a wind tunnel, the results will be there, with good work we can win races. All the people who come are welcome and they lead us some new ideas, a different approach. When Pat arrived, he tried to change a number of things, he was surprised somewhat in the way of working here. If you combine all that there is better in your personal experience, you can maximize your potential and that of the team, this is what happens with Pat. Thanks to this, the team improved in all areas."
* finally Fernando held to provide his full support to his great friend Robert Kubica:
"for me the best driver is Robert Kubica and I wish him the best. I spoke to him yesterday and I am sure that he will return, he will be the best pilot of the grid ."
And in bonus here's the first pic of Alonso in his 2012 suit .

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wroom 2012 : a special slalom !

For the 3rd day of Wroom, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa faced off in a somewhat special slalom since they were at the wheel of a Ferrari FF! Slalom ended with the victory of Fernando! 

Here are the statements of the two pilots: Fernando Alonso: "it is unbelievable, it is easy to handle, even in such conditions. "It is powerful, and even on snow, can operate almost all horses that are under the hood."
Felipe Massa: "the most incredible thing is the fact that it was very simple to fly, while exploiting its full potential. "This car is certainly a very beautiful and good family."

Also Note that Luca di Montezemolo has joined his troops yesterday at Madonna di Campiglio.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wroom : second day pics

I propose you to see the pics of the second day of the wroom meeting :

* Fernando Alonso , Felipe Massa skiing :

* Fernando Alonso tried some skis equiped of a KERS system !

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And ) 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wroom 2012 : programme and first pics !

Monday 9th January 2012 
At 6.30 pm – Lorenzetti square, "Opening event" 

Tuesday 10th January 2012 
At 5.30 pm – Canalone Miramonti "Meeting with Ducati": the riders of Ducati Nicky Hayden e Valentino Rossi meet the public 
At 11 pm – Spinale cableway. Drivers and riders go down with lit torches. Welcoming with mulled wine 

Wednesday 11th January 2012 
At 11 pm – Belvedere slope. Drivers and riders go down with lit torches. Welcoming with mulled wine 

Thursday 12th January 2012 
At 5.30 pm – Canalone Miramonti "Meeting with Ferrari": Scuderia Ferrari drivers Fernando Alonso e Felipe Massa meet the public 

Friday 13th January 2012 
At 4.45 – Iced lake "Challenge Exhibition". Race on the iced lake with Ducati riders and Ferrari drivers.

La gazzetta de Ferrari

* Ferrari will present its new car for the first time , simply called "project 663", on February 3rd at Maranello with same afternoon a shakedown with Fernando Alonso at the controls. Then Ferrari will be at the first winter tests of 2012 at Jerez with on February 7th and 10th Felipe Massa driving the car while Fernando Alonso will drive on February 8th and 9th . 
* Ferrari revealed they have hired several engineers from Mclaren through . 
Here are the names of these engineers:
-Giacomo Tortora (Italian, expert in simulation) 
- Ioannis Veloudis (Greek, known for its innovations in CFD) 
- the English Rupad Darekar (which works in the aerodynamic Department for ten years in Woking), Lawrence Hodge and Jonathan Heal, two specialists of aeronautics. 
However, a start is to deplore in the Scuderia:
-Marco Fainello, one of the leaders of the Ferrari Simulator, who will join Aldo Costa at Mercedes Gp. 

The news of Tuesday

* Kimi Raikkonen has molded his bucket at Lotus (ex LRGP). His physio said that Kimi is in very good shape and ready for the 2012 season.
* Sébastien Buemi is the new 3rd driver of Red Bull . At the same time He could also consider a career in endurance . 
* f1 teams were called to boycott the Bahrain Gp as violences came back in the country in this moment. It is not known whether or not the race, scheduled for 2nd phase of the 2012 championship, will be maintained.