Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Valencia Gp : Alonso & Massa Saturday quotes

* Fernando Alonso: "When you are not able to access in Q3, it is clear that frustration is huge, and there is no need to hide that this is a cold shower for us. We had certain expectations, and they are not held as planned, especially when we know that the car has much improved. Now that the qualifications are complete, it is easy to say that use the hard tires over the soft tires in the first relay of the Q2 was a bad thing. But in any event, we would not put our 2 cars in Q3. It is clear that we were not fast enough to enter in Q3, and the podium seems to be out of reach, especially when we see Vettel and Hamilton in first line... However, it should not overlook the fact that the race will be long and that temperatures will be much higher than today. We will try to be on the clean side of the track to win a few places from the start, then we shall take advantage of the tires we have more, which corresponds to a certain satisfaction."

* Felipe Massa: "it's really frustrating to find out Q3 to one-tenth, it was a qualification very tight with many drivers close to each other in terms of performance." In Q2, we were three tenths of the best time and we have been eliminated... It's a shame because the feeling with the car was very good, I have always felt comfortable and capable of fighting with the best. Our position does not reflect reality: today we could be in the three first lines. With hindsight, it is easy to say that if we used two trains of Softs tires in Q2, we could go, but we wanted to be at the top in Q3, and Q1 showed that we were quick in Mediums. Tomorrow, the strategy will play a very important role and we have seen on several occasions, as in the Canada, how those who go back have the chance to fight for the top positions. "Obviously, we are not happy today, but we know that we have a good car and we are still likely to get a good result."

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