Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Valencia Gp : Alonso & Massa Sunday quotes

* Fernando Alonso: "this is a memorable day for me, I do not find the right words to describe what I feel ! Win in my country is an indescribable feeling: I still remember the success of Barcelona in 2006 and to win in Valencia todaywith this fantastic team, it is extraordinary, especially in difficult times such as we are experiencing in Spain. It's good for the sport. I also think that the success of the national football team and Nadal can give the balm to the hearts of the people. The stop in the lap of deceleration? I don't know what happened but it happened at the right time because I was in front of two stands and I could celebrate this victory with my fans! The sport always gives the same lessons: there are ups and downs and things change quickly. Yesterday, we were out of the Q3 andtoday we won. This means that we must never give up until  the checkered flag is seen . This is a beautiful gift for all those who come from far, who may have slept in their car, who remained in the stands despite the heat. Initially, it was not easy to win positions I tried to delay my brake to put me on the outside in turn 4. Then I started to attack and after the safety car, I began to hope for the podium. Then I attacked Grosjean and I managed to pass him , even though I was afraid the contact I have had with him, I have noted the damage and then two or three laps later, I realized that everything was correct and I am relaxed. When I took the lead after the withdrawal of Vettel hoping that the tires would hold until the end. I have always been in contact with my engineer because I was in the same pace as my pursuers. In the end I had no more tires, but unlike the Canada, the others were in the same situation as me. It is exciting to have been on the podium with Andrea Stella because he has worked with Michael and Kimi. He was able to celebrate a victory of the totally unexpected ways with this success best given my position on the grid. Thinking about yesterday what happened confirms that there is still much work to be done. We must be honest with ourselves and with our fans. We will do everything to win this Championship, but we still do not have the fastest car and we must continue to work to achieve this objective as soon as possible.

* Felipe Massa: "want you to that I say, today, nothing has been as I wanted to. After 8 laps, I began to feel that something was wrong with the rear of the car and, after the race, the team found that some damage had completely ruined the balance and the aerodynamics of the car. To be able to attack the Force India I went to take a second turn it. I am very disappointed because I had a good pace and I could stay close to the group where was Fernando. And then there was also a collision with Kobayashi and all my hopes for a finish in the points have been destroyed. The car was really good today , it was at the level of the best. 
I am pleased with the victory of Fernando, who has made a fantastic race, but also disappointed because today it might have been a very good day for both"

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