Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ferrari final days Valencia 2012 : Felipe Massa interview

"It's always nice to take part in an event like this . Seeing so many Ferrari on the track is very exciting, even if it is certainly not the first time for me!" 
Of course, Felipe also spoke of the Championship which ended last weekend at the end of which he received his second podium of the season: "in the first part of the season, I was worried about my contract extension. I didn't think that Ferrari would really want to wait until the summer before deciding the line-up for next season." 
"Since I was in Maranello, there are always rumours about me: already during my first year, there had a list of drivers supposed to take my place, like this year, with a lot of speculation. At the beginning I paid too much attention to these things, but in August, I told myself that I should only think of fun in the race and it is there that I really started to fly, have a good feeling with the car and driving as fast I knew to do. Now, I feel very strong, I am optimistic for the future, mine and Ferrari's one."

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