Barcelona day 3 results

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Barcelona day 1 results

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Jerez day 4 : Pedro De La Rosa quotes + Ferrari program

*Pedro De La Rosa : "All in all it's been a positive day for me, I finally got a feel for the car and that will be very important when it comes to comparing the data with the simulator as we develop the car," 
"We are not yet where we want to be on our simulation and there will be a lot of work to do, but that's why I've been taken on and in my own small way I hope to do my best to contribute to the progress of the Scuderia. I had a lot of mixed feelings today: I was very excited to drive the car but when I got out after the first two laps I was not exactly happy. All my life I've been waiting for an opportunity like this and to see it end after just a few corners was definitely not nice, especially because I wasn't sure that we would be able to continue with the programme. But then the team did an amazing job and it was vital to get back on track given how few days are available to us."

*Ferrari programme :

-to ensure the cohesion of the data between the Simulator and the car but also optimize the car. 
-Important: Due to the gearbox failure causing a fire, the day's schedule was disrupted and had to check the reliability of the car. 

*data :

-number of laps: 51 
-number of KM: 225,573 Km
-fastest lap: 1.20.316 
-fastest lap time: 3:31 pm

Jerez 2013 : day 4 results

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Jerez day 3 : Felipe Massa quotes + Ferrari program

*Felipe Massa :
"I still think that his(ed : Jenson Button) lap was amazing. Hard tires, the first day on a dirty track and everything, it was really a quick lap . I didn't have the car to make this time on the first day." 
"I haven't even tried to sign a performance, but I think it was awesome. Many people must think the same as me, but we just upgraded the car these days. I think having a good ride but we cannot say where we are before the start of the Championship." "this is going in the direction I was hoping but the races only count. During tests, I don't think it matters much." 
"It is always nice but it is not so. I think that we are working well and we have to improve the car to 100% before the first race."

*Ferrari program :

-evaluation of the behaviour of the car on different types of tires
-Aerodynamic tests 
-measure of the performance of the car
-Important: The time realized is close to the record of the last year, the F138 is much faster than the F2012

*Felipe Massa datas :

-number of laps: 85 
-number of KM: 375,955 Km 
-fastest lap: 1.17.879 
fastest lap time: 11 h 40 

Jerez 2013 : day 3 results

Jerez day 2 : Felipe Massa quotes + Ferrari program

*Felipe Massa : "Today, we were 100% focused on aerodynamics and exhaust testings.
 in the morning, I could not do long runs because we were interested in the different possible areodynamiques solutions, we then made a few laps at a constant speed in order to evaluate them."
"The changes that have been made to the car took longer than expected, but in the afternoon I managed to make three long runs that we will analyze the results carefully in order to not to err in the future directions of development."

*Ferrari program of the day  :

- aerodynamic measurement
- testing different solutions of exhausts. Important: The team has not sought the performance. 

*Felipe Massa datas of the day : 
-number of laps: 78 
-number of KM: 344,994 Km 
-fastest lap: 1.19.914 fastest lap time: 12:09

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Jerez day 1 : Felipe Massa quotes + Ferrari program

*Felipe Massa : "I think that compared to last year, we are on another planet." 
"Last year I remember, we were fighting a lot, it was difficult to keep the car on the track, so this year the basis is completely different. The car is much more balanced, I had good feeling with the rear of the car, good traction ." -According the Brazilian driver, apart from the need to improve the cooling of the cockpit, there are no significant problems: "I am not really disappointed. The lap time of 1m18.8 of Jenson [Button] is certainly a great time, but the 1m19.7 of Mark Webber is not one I think. If you look at this first day, how we drove, how we have managed and the direction that we had decided to follow, so I'm not really disappointed." "There is much to do, much to work, many things to develop for the first race, it's clear. "But I'm not disappointed."

* important datas of Felipe :

-number of laps: 64 
-number of KM: 283,072 Km
-fastest lap: 1.20.536 
the fastest lap time was made at 4:20 pm

* what Ferrari worked on :

-implementation of the car
-reliability tests
-first aerodynamic measurements
-Important: the performance was not sought 

Jerez 2013 : day 1 results

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ferrari F138 launch : Fernando Alonso & Felipe Massa statements

Fernando Alonso :
"I'll follow the first session of private tests in Jerez with great interest and I will have all the information coming from Jerez, I'll watch it closely. In the coming weeks, I will focus on the preparation for the Championship, I've been busy with the team in December and January, until last week, we have participated in many activities. I think that it is necessary to take a step back to prepare and be 100% for the season. We are fortunate in this team, there's a lot of trust between us, and we do it without problem. We have a great team, there is not only one person."
 "I think it will be very difficult to review what we have seen last year, with 7 different winners in 7 races, it was exceptional ! in my opinion there are two or three teams who will win all the races, we must be one of those three."

Felipe Massa :
"I'm looking forward to drive the car during the Jerez tests, because even though it was many years I'm at Ferrari it's still an immense joy to be present for the presentation of the car that will start the season. I have good hopes for this season, with hopefully many victoriese and why not win world titles, these are our objectives and I really hope that this will be the case. I am determined, focused and I am preparing intensely for the private Jerez test. I'm optimistic about this season and I really hope that it will be good."
 "As Chairman Montezemolo said, I managed to combat my problems at the end of the 2012 season, and I hope that I will have the same level in 2013 because we need to score the maximum of points, from the first race in Australia to the last in Brazil."

Ferrari F138 launch

Friday, February 1, 2013

la gazzetta de Ferrari

* Ferrari unveiled the name of their new single-seater : the F138! 
 little explanation: it's the F for Ferrari. 13 for the year 2013 and 8 in reference to the last year of the V8 engines in f1 

 * no longer tub following the departure of the HRT team Pedro de la Rosa has been formalized at Ferrari! its role will be to develop the Simulator. 

 * The Scuderia has a new sponsor! It is a Chinese company, Weichai Power, specialized in the sale of spare parts for truck and cars. 

* Ferrari has communicated its program for the winter testing which will begin next week in Jerez: -Jerez (from 5 to 8 February): Felipe Massa the first 3 days then Pedro de la Rosa - Barcelona (from 19 to 22 February): Fernando Alonso the first 3 days and then Felipe Massa -Barcelone(from 28 February to 3 march): Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa will share the work with 2 days each , alternately.  

 NB: Fernando Alonso chose not to participate in the first meeting of winter testing in Jerez in order to have an extra week of training to be perfectly prepared for the 2013 season .

the news of the week

* Timo Glock has been thanked by Marussia due to lack of budget. the German driver turned to the DTM where he will ride this season a BMW. 

* Luca di Grassi and Jaime Alguersuari have been formalized as licensed pilots at Pirelli. 

* Sebastien buemi will stay 3rd driver Red Bull this season but he will try to have a titular wheel next year .

* Robert Kubica tried a Mercedes C-class for the DTM championship ; the experience was conclusive, but the Polish driver remains however focused on the F1 and a possible return in 2014. 

* There are 2 seats still available  in F1: one at Marussia, one at Force India . the names of Jules bianchi and Adrian Sutil are circulating . * At Caterham , Diego Van De Garde will be promoted and so will be Charles Pic teammate .