Thursday, February 7, 2013

Jerez day 3 : Felipe Massa quotes + Ferrari program

*Felipe Massa :
"I still think that his(ed : Jenson Button) lap was amazing. Hard tires, the first day on a dirty track and everything, it was really a quick lap . I didn't have the car to make this time on the first day." 
"I haven't even tried to sign a performance, but I think it was awesome. Many people must think the same as me, but we just upgraded the car these days. I think having a good ride but we cannot say where we are before the start of the Championship." "this is going in the direction I was hoping but the races only count. During tests, I don't think it matters much." 
"It is always nice but it is not so. I think that we are working well and we have to improve the car to 100% before the first race."

*Ferrari program :

-evaluation of the behaviour of the car on different types of tires
-Aerodynamic tests 
-measure of the performance of the car
-Important: The time realized is close to the record of the last year, the F138 is much faster than the F2012

*Felipe Massa datas :

-number of laps: 85 
-number of KM: 375,955 Km 
-fastest lap: 1.17.879 
fastest lap time: 11 h 40 

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