Friday, March 15, 2013

Australia GP : Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa preview

* Fernando Alonso: 

"this won't be difficult to start better this season than the last, but it will be difficult to do worse !more seriously, we now have a better understanding of this car and the private test results were at the height of our expectations. This gives us confidence and optimism in the beginning of the season. This should be a very nice Championship with a very difficult part, because Melbourne and Sepang circuits are very difficult, and there could also have some rain. We start this season on the right foot. I hope that we are going to score some good points for the Championship.I expect that this year, from advanced five teams have a small advantage, but after the private tests this winter, it is difficult to say which of these five teams will be a few tenths of a second to pick up the victory. It is very tight and it is difficult to identify a favorite. In my opinion, the teams Mercedes, Ferrari, McLaren, Red Bull and Lotus have all demonstrated their potential this winter, but at different times. It is therefore difficult to make a choice"
Is Ferrari quite competitive to win this Sunday in Melbourne? "I do not know for the moment. It would be unwise to draw conclusions based on the times of this winter. We can already say that we are happy with what we have done. We come to enjoy in full the potential of our car and this should be enough to be competitive. About the Melbourne circuit, I well love it. I have already signed some good results here and it is also valid for the Malaysia one . These two races will give us the opportunity to make good points, but I still know nothing about our competitiveness" 

*Felipe Massa :

"I expect that the pilots of two or three teams share the victories this year. In this regard, we start with a better car than last year in the beginning of the season so I'm optimistic. The tests went well, I felt the car evolved from the first to the last day and I am happy with the balance. We'll see."
"we start with the supersofts this weekend and it's rather well going to me as I've always preferred the soft tyres range offered by Pirelli."To manage the tires will be the key but it will be perfect in all areas, whether in aerodynamics or the mechanical. I think I'll start 2013 as I ended 2012. I can't say that Melbourne is my favourite circuit but I love coming to Australia, it is a beautiful country, with really nice people who know how to enjoy the racing. The circuit is demanding but I expect that the F138 will adapt well and that we have a good first weekend."

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