Saturday, December 14, 2013

Fernando Alonso collection in Madrid

December 3, Fernando Alonso inaugurated an exhibition, in Madrid, tracing all his career in motorsports(from his childhood in kart till now at Ferrari). You can see all his cars , trophies , suits etc

This exhibition takes place until May 4th at "Centro de exposiciones Arte Canal de Madrid"
At the opening, Fernando invited all the team managers he has known since he is in F1.

Fernando Alonso : "It's a day where I would like to thank all my family, and all those who have been with me throughout my career and who are here today. My family has ensured that all this happens for the best, first and foremost because they gave me the love of the sport and also because it is thanks to them, in large part that this exhibition has emerged."
The Spanish driver has even been surprised by the sentimental spirit that had his father keeping his racing equipment: "it's amazing all that my father has kept so far, helmets to jerseys... I understand now what were all these boxes in the garage. What seemed to have no meaning at the time had one today. Several photos and memories are present in this Museum, in any discipline, from karting to Formula 1. I hope that a few family photos when I was young will appeal to visitors, this will allow them to learn more about me."

The exhibition is divided into six parts : 
The first, "KM 0", covers the first steps of Alonso in Motorsports
"The collection" starring Fernando F1 cars as well as the junior formulas
"Circuit Alo", where you can take part in an interactive journey through his career and his life racing
"Start your engines!" a visual look at formula 1 and its technological innovations
"275,000 km of emotion", a video on which the Ferrari driver summed up the entirety of his career.

Website dedicated to the exhibition :

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Fernando Alonso at the Fia 2013 gala

"I would like to congratulate Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull for their fantastic Championship. They have had a superb season and deserve these titles. We were hoping to make their life more difficult, but they were very good and tonight is their night ."

When asked how he keeps his motivation and competitiveness despite the dominance of Red Bull, he answers: "I hate to lose ! At the beginning of every year, regardless of the situation, the objective is to fight until the end and to win. I love to win and I love racing : this year, I finished second and there is no doubt that I wanted to win as the team wanted. However, I am honoured to be here today and I want to thank Ferrari for this. Hope that we can be the first on the scene next year."

Fernando also received a standing ovation when he invited all those present to applaud both drivers , but more importantly still, two friends who were in the room, Mark Webber and Robert Kubica : "Mark and I have been together in formula 1 for twelve years and we shared many fantastic moments. He will be missed next year. Robert has done great things in rallies but we expect his return to formula one."

Official 2014 F1 calendar

Fia revealed last week the official 2014 calendar and we can notice there will be 19 races(no New Jersey GP , no Korea GP and no Mexico GP) ; Bahrain GP will be a night race and the season will finish at Abu Dhabi .